Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

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Good morning everyone!! The weekend is gone, and I am so screwed up by this time change! I was up until 1:20 last night, and if you know me, you know I’m in bed by 9 every night!! I’m looking forward to the week ahead!! Molly has her mommy and me Easter party Wednesday and I’m crossing my fingers some of my subscription boxes come in the mail!!!!
Yesterday, Mike and I dropped Molly off at my wonderful sisters house and got to go to dinner for his birthday (which is friday!) Well… I would call it “linner” because we went at 4! Yes we actually did feel like we were 87 years old getting the “early bird special,” but ya know we were hungry and it wasn’t crowded! We went to a local ribs and fish restaurant. We actually go there often (when we do get out,) we even had our rehearsal dinner there!! It was so delicious!!!
When we returned to my sisters, Molly of course did not want to leave (she just loves it there) so we
let her play for a bit while Jodi went through some bins of spring and summer clothes! Every time I go to her house I feel like I just left the mall or got a package! I love having a daughter because her hand me downs are amazing!!! She has a 4 year old daughter, and I’m lucky Molly is a bigger 2 year old because we always score a ton of great things!! Long story, short we can home with this massive bag of clothes, which is always absolutely exciting!!! I went through them this morning (and while I’m sure I will go shopping for a few things) I’m almost positive Molly is set for the warm weather! A huge thank you to my sister for all of the goodies!!!
Have a wonderful day all, and I hope the weather is beautiful!

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