Sunday Social

Sunday Social

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This is my first Sunday Social! This blogging experience is so much fun!
1. What is the one movie you’re terrified to watch?
ANY movie! I’m horrified by the commercials on the television! My 13 year old nephew is more daring then I am!
2. What is one TV show you’ve always wanted to get into, but haven’t?
There are a ton, but the way people talk about Downtown Abbey, I’d love to watch!!
3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
Well up until a few weeks ago it was riding in an hot air balloon, but now…no thank you! So i guess I would have to say, surfing (although I’m sure some people wouldn’t say it was daring!)
4. Would you ever travel alone?
Good question! To the grocery store, yes but I don’t think I would go on an airplane alone! I do not like being by myself (for a long period of time.) I am one big chicken!!
5. What activities do you like to do alone?
Well I am a mom of a two year old. My first thought, going to the bathroom!! Shopping is also a lovely thing to do by myself-especially at Target!!

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