What I’m Loving Wednesday!

One More Link up of the day from this wonderful blog This Kind of Love ! What I’m Loving Wednesday!!

I am loving The Honest Company. Molly has really bad skin and we have tried everything ( from aquaphor to coconut oil) but I want to keep her off prescription medicines! I received their Discovery kit in the mail two weeks ago and let me tell you their lotion cleared her face and arms up in two days! I could not believe it!! So of course I ordered their essentials bundle (cancelled the diapers bundle because I’m hoping she will be completely potty trained soon!) It comes Friday, and I cant wait!! Love these products and so happy i tried them!

My Vitamix! My mother works at a local spa and thankfully my sister and I got to go to the New York Spa show with her a few years back (before I was even pregnant with Molly!) Jodi and I both purchased one of these, and sad to say its been  locked away since i bought it. A few weeks ago Mike and I were talking about making smoothies every morning, and I brought this baby back out! We have used it 3 + times a day since!! What was I thinking having this anywhere but ON the counter!! Its the best machine you could ever have!!

Yes…Yes, I went there. Do not judge me, but this is one of my favorite shows on TV right now! Of course I DVR It, but Mike and I sit on the couch every Thursday evening and laugh our behinds off! If you have not watched this show please do, because it really is THAT funny!!

Thanks for reading! What are you loving today? 🙂

Alena xo

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