Thursday Thoughts!

I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts! 
~Who watches the Disney Channel? This Choo Choo Soul has got to go (or at least get some new songs!)
~ I NEED to get organized. I have decided there Is no ifs, ands or buts…this is it! My whole apartment needs to be gone through and organized (especially my closet!) Any suggestions of bins, buckets, organizational items!?
~ I must start surrounding myself with positive people that do not put me down. There is no reason to be around people that treat you that way!
~ I realized yesterday at Mommy and Me, that I have worn the same shirt (don’t worry, it is once a week and it is clean) for the past two weeks in a row. I hope the other mom’s weren’t thinking “gross,” because although Mommy and Me is about the kids, we do socialize!! Maybe it is time to get a few more shirts for myself! 🙂
~ This is going to sound like such a “downer,” but 95 percent of the time I do not get surprises in the mail. Well, TODAY was the day!! I totally forgot I had put my name in for the free P&G samples a while back, and when I saw the box in the mail I was so excited! It came with a crap load of free samples!! Coupons, Trial size shampoo and conditioner, tide samples, tooth paste samples, etc! I love stuff like this! Every year we go to Cape Cod and it is always easier to bring small products!! Did anyone else receive this!?
~ There is a local chocolate store near by called The Alps Sweet Shop. Molly had a school fundraiser for Easter, so of course I ordered a few things. Well, they sell chocolate covered potato chips. When i say addicting, i mean…absolutely addicting. I had to of eaten half the bag since I got them yesterday afternoon!! If you live in my area-TRY THEM! Yum! 
What are your random thoughts today!? Have a wonderful day!!
Alena xo

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts!

  1. I ordered those P&G samples so long ago! (ok, like a month, but still!) And totally agree with you on Choo Choo Soul! Visiting from the RoaSM linkup!

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