Friday’s Letters!

This is my first Fridays Letters with The Sweet Season Blog!

Dear Mike, Happy Birthday. I love you with all of my heart. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Dear Molly, You are two years old…two years!!! Please, just please could you possibly sleep through the night. It would be much appreciated.

Dear Target, Please stop selling such great products and marking them down. I WILL buy them, and you will make me poor. I can not resist glitter glue for Molly that is marked down to 97 cents. How can you pass that up (and yes it will sit in my closet for a year, but 97 cents seems like a steal to me! haha)

Dear Glee, More people need to watch you, because the last ten minutes of your episode last night was insane…and I surely had no one to talk to about it.

Dear Amanda & Megan, Thank you for always staying on the phone with me for 40 minutes while i rant about something ridiculous. Sometimes It is Molly, or a recipe we are talking about, but usually it is about something that is bothering me (and you both make it better) or about my ridiculous obsessions (aka my blog, subscription boxes, or target deals!) You are true friends, and I love you both! xoxo

Dear readers (If there is anyone out there,) Have a wonderful, and happy Friday! 🙂

Alena xo

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