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A few weeks ago while sitting in my car (Molly was sleeping,) I was researching all natural shampoo’s and lotions on my iPad. Since Molly was born she has has bad skin. Her cheeks are always red and her arms always bumpy. The doctor has always told me to apply Aquaphor and use Cetephil, but none of it worked. I personally, wanted to stay about from the dermatologist because I’d prefer her not to be on anything prescription ointments (unless need be.) A friend of mine had posted a link for the free discovery kit from The Honest Company on facebook, so i decided to give it a try. The Honest Company uses safe and non toxic products, using pure plant based ingredients. 
In the discovery kit you receive a diaper bundle and a essentials bundle all for just 5 dollars and change (which you pay for shipping.) It takes about 5 days to come and you receive 5 diapers, wipes, and nice trial size bottles of their healing balm, shampoo, lotion, hand soap and laundry detergent. The diapers were okay, but Molly is just getting the hang out potty training so I did not want to order the diapers, but i fell in love with the “essentials.” They worked within the first two days leaving her skin nice and soft and the redness in her face was not so bad. I decided to order!!

Today, I received my first shipment of my “Essentials Bundle.” The great thing about this is you can customize what you want for that month, so you can switch a lotion for a laundry detergent, so on and so on. The full price was 40.00 including shipping, for 5 full size products (which I thought was not a bad price for something that worked for Molly!) This month I received the body and face lotion (6.8 oz), shampoo and body wash (6.8 oz), full size healing balm (3.0 oz), sunscreen (3.0 oz) and the bug spray (which of course will be for the spring/summer!) Can’t wait to use all of these!!

Please don’t mind the pictures, they are not that great, but I just wanted to show you the actual products. This company is absolutely wonderful, and I plan to continue using them!! Check them out, with my link: The Honest Company , it really is worth a try!! 
Alena xo

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