Friday iPhone Dump

Friday iPhone Dump

I am jumping on the bandwagon for the Friday iPhone Dump! 🙂
So Here we go!!

This is Molly when she first woke up in the morning. She usually tries to find Izzy (our cat) and then will give Cody (Our creepy eyed dog in the background) a hug. This particular morning she decided to give me a nice fake smile! Gosh I love her!
I’m banking on her being an artist someday! She is utterly obsessed with coloring (which she calls “colors”) and anything to do with paint, water coloring, etc. She is going to be so stinking excited when we get our Babbaco and Happy Trunk boxes in the mail!!

Please, please dont mind the double chin. GOSH that awful!! This was her sad face because we had five minutes to kill before school on Wednesday. She really loves it there!

Again, her favorite thing to do at school would be painting on the easel. She just thinks it is the best ever (and yes she actually says that!) She made four Easter eggs that we have hanging on our door! 
I did not turn the actual photo, but Molly and I made a cake this morning for Mikes birthday. I got the wrong kind, it was butter vanilla or something like that. Let me tell you…That is some good cake! More then a half stick of butter will make you real full! 🙂 
This was an action photo of Molly eating the icing on the cake. Her hands, oh gross! She is a chocolate freak-I don’t even buy it anymore, its not worth the fight! To say the least she really enjoyed this treat before lunch!!

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