Saturday Smiles

Today Im smiling because…

~Molly has been consistently using the potty! This is huge!! I would love to stop buying diapers on a bi-weekly basis!! She’s got a way to go but this is such a big step! Hooray!

~I am finally getting organized, thank goodness! I bought this a while back from Zulily (and forgot about it! It came yesterday in the mail) and I LOVE it! I probably am not going to use it for shoes, but instead beauty products and such. It’ll save some room in my tiny bathroom and on my dresser!

~ I got a new shower curtain ( in the same order as my “shoe” organizer,) for the first time in 5 years!! Of course I change the liner every month or two but the actually cloth curtain! I love it, its my favorite!!
~ My mom told me she loved my blog. It is so nice to get some encouragement sometimes. It makes me feel good that someone close to me (especially my beautiful mother) is proud of something that I am doing! Its even better that I love blogging (I wish i would have started this a long time ago!)
What are you smiling about today? 
Alena xo

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