Sunday Social

I am,  linking up with Ashley and Neely for today’s Sunday Social.

1. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? If i had no children, I would say sleep…but I would say doing a fun craft project with Molly.
2. Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend? Spend time outside with my family! Of course I love the beach too!!  
3. Favorite Spring accessory? Ballet Flats! 
4. Favorite way to spend a Winter day? If its not below zero, take a walk outside with this mismatched girl!
5. What is your favorite season and why? Fall for sure! I love pumpkins, apple pies, the crisp air. Its the best time of year for sure. Oh, and absolutely because they sell pumpkin Iced coffee at dunkin donuts. My absolute favorite (and they still actually have it at the dunkin donuts near me..Here my coffee this morning!!)
6. Best birthday you ever had? Ya know, I would have to say…every birthday as a child. My mother always went all out. My birthday is in July so it was always pool themed (we were lucky and had a pool.) When i got older we always had water activities and ton of kids. My mom is the best!!!  

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