Happy Monday!

Hello all!! Weekend is over and another week begins…

The weekend was kind of non-eventful as well! Saturday Molly and I hung out at home and cleaned house (which today looks nothing like it was cleaned, toys all over!) Sunday I went food shopping ALONE! WOW! What a treat. Unfortunately we had nothing in this house so it was a big shopping trip, but I got to go  by my list since I was by myself! Afterwards we decided to go to the car wash and wash my car, which is always fun. We went through the actual car wash (Mike usually cleans the car with the hand washer thing.) I do not remember the last time we actually went through one but Molly was totally scared and of course the mean Mom that I am took a picture… It is blurry, but she has a very worried look on her face!

After we decided to to go Home Depot and Mike decided to start putting a new floor in our kitchen!! I can say, this is the most excited I have been in a while. See…My kitchen floor is an awful combination of dark blue,light blue, and white tiles. Some people enjoy this, I on the other hand am disgusted by it. I feel like it does not stay clean and it matches with NOTHING. We decided on pergo floor. We haven’t finished the whole floor yet, but this a sneak peak. I’m in love! 🙂

Luckily this week is very non eventful for us (other then this snow storm we are suppose to get tonight into tomorrow-what a bummer!) I am excited to see what boxes I receive in the mail that I can review!! I’m also excited to figure out some new stuff about blogging!! Have a wonderful week!

Alena xo

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