So What Wednesday!

I am linking up with Life After I “Dew” for So What Wednesday. Today I am saying So What If…

~ I like to purchase everything online. Not only do I feel I get better deals, but taking Molly to the store is sometimes nothing but a headache. I DO take weekly trips to Target though. Can not resist that store!!

~ On Tuesday when it snowed I ate a whole pint of Coffee Health Bar Crunch Ice cream. Now that I say that, Ew, but it was Oh so good!!

~I talk to my mom 5 or more times daily on the telephone. I’m sure I drive her crazy, but I have to!

~ I really enjoy Sophia The First on the Disney Channel. I may actually enjoy it more than Molly. And So what if it makes me cry every time its on! Its so cute!!

~ I am so not into Dancing with the Stars this season. I usually am all about it, but i can’t be bothered…I don’t know why.

~ If i slept on a kit kat bar last night…You did not read this wrong, there was a mini kit kat in our bed and I slept on it… ha!

~ I stalk my mail man for my subscription boxes..Yes I have a problem! 🙂

What are you saying So What to this week?

Alena xo

2 thoughts on “So What Wednesday!

  1. I love that you slept on a kit-kat bar. That is fantastic. I too buy everything online. It is just easier sometimes to open up Amazon, add it to my card, and in two days it is on my porch. Generally much quicker than if I have to find time to go to the store! I swear I end up finding stuff for cheaper online too!

  2. Hi! I'm popping in from the link up at Life After I Dew! I completely understand buying online. I dread anytime I have to take my 7 month old to the store so I order all the time. I'm sure the mailman must think I spend all my time on Amazon!

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