13 Goals in 2013!

13 Goals in 13′

I started this year thinking more positive about life and everyone in it and I am continuing this (hopefully forever!) I have come up with a list of 13 things I WILL do in 2013. I don’t want to say “I might or maybe,” I WILL do these things and as I do them I will cross them off!! They are not huge things (“Go sky diving,” ” take a trip to Europe.”) They are small realistic things that can make a difference in my life for the better.
Join along with me, you’ll feel so good after crossing one thing off the list, imagine how good you’ll feel after all 13!!

1) Get organized! When I say get organized I mean the whole house (not just one room!!) There are 7 rooms in this house- a room a month sounds do-able!!
2) Potty train Molly! We are on our way, almost there….
3) Eat healthier! Healthy snacks, fruits, veggies, etc! No more pints of Ben and Jerrys!!
4) Start planning meals and having a grocery list on me when I food shop!! This will help with impulse buys!!
5) When warm weather hit….walk! I want to start walking Daily! Even if its in my driveway or around my yard. Take a nice brisk walk!
6) Spend more quality time with my husband. I think it’s safe to say a date night a month is good right??
7)  Keep in touch with friends I have not spoken to in a while. I suck at keeping in touch, I really need to fix this…stat.
8) Set aside a day a month for ME! I feel like I’m way too young to “let myself go!”  A me day would consist of getting my haircut, a manicure/pedicure, going shopping by myself or just reading a book!! I don’t want to sound like a selfish mom, but you need time to yourself sometimes!
9) Have a monthly girls night. Get together, relax with a glass of wine and catch up!! We should be able to do this (even if it is every two months!!)
10) Get rid of technology for a day, once a month or even for a few hours a night!! I am way too attached to my iPhone/ iPad/ laptop! Don’t get me wrong- Molly and I play with no tv on for Atleast an two-three a day (using our imaginations) but usually there’s a television or something going in the house!! I need to be more aware of this and turn everything off!! Good for us as a family & good for the environment (a win, win!!)
11) Take more pictures!! In Molly’s 1st year I took over 2,000 photos… In her second so far- 10…. I have to get moving!!
12) Keep up with my blog! I really love doing this. It’s fun, a hobby and absolutely relaxing to me!! I’m so glad I found something in life I really enjoy (even though I am no where near being a writer!)
13) Last but definitely not least (this is actually the most important,) start saving money!! I want to be able to buy a house someday- saving is the way to start!!

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