Julep Spring Mystery Box Review!

If you know me in any way, shape or form, you know I am not a girlie girl. I don’t do my hair (its normally in a pony tail,) I don’t paint my nails, and I put minimal makeup on. Don’t worry, when I need to dress up I can..But Its just not my main priority to straighten my hair every morning!! When I found out about this Julep box, to be honest, the only reason I tried it was because it was 3.99 for the first box! I figured why not! Well since I got the first box, my nails are painted all the time and I am in love. So, i decided to jump on the band wagon and get the Mystery Box!!

To my surprise it came in the mail today (which was a really happy moment because my mouth is all swollen from my root canal!) and I dug in! I LOVE the box that it came in. Its harder cardboard so I can reuse it! Anything I can reuse I love!! I loved my first look also…

It is so “springy” and colorful!! The first thing that caught my eye was the amazing Pomegranate Body scrub! Oh this smells delicious I cant wait to use it! Its also a full size tub, so that made me happy also!
The box also came with a nail file (which I can always use) and a nice sample packet of the One step nail polish remover! 
The pouch the nail polish came in is just adorable! I need to use this for something around the house! This box came with four nail polishes. 
Marie (Rock candy nail glaze,) Camille (clear sparkle-which seems to be the mystery color!) Sienna( gold,) and Sarah (pink sparkle.) I love all of these. I’m not much of a sparkle girl but I am wiling to use them and I’m sure Molly will get a kick out of it! 
No diamond earrings…but Great box! I am so happy I ended up caving! 🙂

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