I saw this over on The Everyday Joys , which is stalk regularly now! I figured since I’m new at this blogging thing, this was a good way to “get to know me!” So here goes…

Some of my firsts…

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Change Molly, Make her breakfast, and lately I have been making myself a nice smoothie! 
2. First thing you do when you get home from work? Well since I’m a stay at home mom, i always work! No, I’m just kidding! Sometimes I take care of two little girls, so when I get home from their house I make dinner!! 
3. First kiss? I was 14, and now that I have a daughter she better not kiss until she’s 18!! 😉
4. First home? I have never owned a home, unfortunately but right now we are renting from my dad!
5. First car? Oh my! A small two door Saturn, oh the memories!!
6. First thing you wanted to be when you grew up? A teacher!
7. First choice beverage? Unsweetened Ice tea, but I am also pretty obsessed with Coffee-and fountain soda!
8. First choice dessert? Ice cream!! 
9. First choice of a restaurant? A local place called Hudson’s Ribs and Fish. Its my favorite!
10. First song that comes to mind? Right this minute the theme song from Sophia the First. Ha!
11. First major purchase? Probably my wedding, whew that was expensive!!
12. First job? A daycare called The Nest. I worked there for 8 years! 
13. First time you flew on a plane? 2005 to Puerto Rico. 
14. First real “big girl” job? Answered in 12!

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