Paw Box Review

We received our first paw box today! Not only was I excited, but Cody was very excited also!!

First look at the box!
First look inside!
This box is seriously adorable! It came with three packages of treats, a peanut butter & carob treat, a sample of Dog paws lotion bar and Incredibubbles. 

The actual “bone” treat got eaten before I could snap a picture! All of these treats look great for Cody! I love that they are a different variety of what we already use and they have no fillers! 
This sample of Dog Paws Lotion Bar i am most excited to use after this horrible winter!! If this works, I’m sure we will buy a full size bar! 
My Cody checking out his monthly box! 
We will continue this subscription!! For only 10.00 a month I think it was well worth it!! 

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