March Healthy Surprise Review

Healthy Surprise is a monthly subscription box that gives you full size products that are “100 % healthy and delicious.” I was not sure what to think of this box, but I have a goal for all of us, especially Molly to start eating healthier. I actually got this box for a discounted price of Totsy (if you do not know what Totsy is, its an awesome discount site! check it out here: Totsy. You do have to be a member, but it is completely free to sign up!

Back to the box… I have one word-AWESOME! For 33.00 a month you receive a full box of snacks which has 16-20 servings of food. Let me tell you, this box was packed to the brim!

Molly and I searched though it right away! I am not going to do into detail about every single product just yet, because I have no tried them! I want to make sure I try them first before giving you a details description but there sure was a lot!! Here’s what was inside…

I can not wait to try all of these! Has anyone ever tried any of these? Fill me in, good, bad, amazing? 
Check out Healthy Surprise here: Healthy Suprise

3 thoughts on “March Healthy Surprise Review

  1. the hail merry were the picks of the bunch for us. everyone said ewwwww to sea sprinkles. babysitter likes them. hooray!

    my son is way more likely to eat all this stuff than my daughter. she is already ruined 🙁


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