Happy Easter Eve!

This is the first time I’m blogging on my phone, and most likely my last! It’s so much easier on my semi-broken laptop! The screen is so small!

First I would like to wish all of you reading this a very Happy Easter! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day! Please comment and tell me about your fun!

I am sure I will follow up tomorrow with a recap of our events (which are pretty minimal this year) but I wanted to post a picture of Molly’s Easter basket before she rips into it tomorrow morning. Take note I got a Mrs. potato head at Target for 1.29! You heard me right!! I couldn’t believe my eyes (and you know that baby went right into my Cart!) I could not fit it inside the basket so it didn’t make the picture!!

I know I am going to be the mom that doesn’t save the basket every year because i really like to buy a cute little basket and use it right away!! I’m thinking about going to Target Monday morning ( when they open for their 50 percent off stuff for next year) and buying a nice one to keep using yearly… if I find one! I also usually like to keep things pretty “themed,” but I couldn’t decide so I just put a bunch of what she enjoys inside!

Duck and goose was a big hit at Christmas time (and every day after that until tomorrow-oh yes the Christmas book!) so I got her the 123 Duck and Goose book with the small stuffed animals! She will love those! Lately she’s been obsessed with Toy Story, so I bought the second one and stuck it on in there (i got this for 14 bucks on amazon- iTunes wanted 20! yeah right iTunes!!)

Next, since she is a little artist, I got her some crayons and paint “pens.” This is off topic, but I also stocked up on water colors the other day( not in her basket, but target was having a killer sale, 90 cents for roseart water colors!) There is also some playdough and bubbles stuck In there somewhere!! Last, I of course had to get the yearly cup and plate! I got this for her last year. I think it’s going to be a tradition! And don’t worry, there is candy in there too!!

Okay… Enough with the writing, here is the picture! There’s also a picture of Cody and Izzys treats for Easter, since we are the Pidala Family 5…and of course I’ll post her sleeping in her cute PJs too!!) Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone!!

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