April BirchBox Man box

Today we received our BirchBox Man box (after I had an argument with the stupid guy at the post office… he actually said “Why do you think that box would be here?” Ummm…because its a post office?) Anyway, I was really hoping my husband would have gotten the neat wooden stereo thing that a few reviews were showing, but we got the socks (which are absolutely a weird color!)

The box’s theme this month was “Turn it up!” 
This is what the card says: “Gentlemen, 
With winter behind us and an expanse of sun-drenched days ahead, there’s only one thing to be done: Turn up to volume…on everything. Crank up your speakers, jog that extra mile, add a couple dashes of hot sauce to your sandwich, and flash some color at the ankle-the knob on this months assortment goes all the way to eleven. Cheers, Birchbox Man.”
What was in the box…
-Oribe Super shine Moisturizing Cream: I did not post this because I couldn’t get a very good shot of it. It serves as a leave in conditioner. 
– Proraso shaving cream-refreshing and toning formula: Shaving cream with eucalyptus oil and menthol. 
-Nuxe men moisturizing multi purpose gel: energizing and hydrating facial gel with mattifying finish and woodsy aroma. 
-Yes to Mint lip butter: balm formulated with organic fruits and vegetables. 
-Richer poorer socks: As pictured above. 
This being our first box ever, I’m not sure Mike was sold. It was fun though!! 
If you are interested in Birchbox man or just want to check it out click here: Birchbox Man

**I was not paid for this review. It was my personal take on the April Birchbox Man. Posts may contain affiliate and referral links.

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