Weekend Shenanigans

This is the first time I’m linking up with Sami over at Samis Shenanigans!

I can not believe that March is done and over with. Where in the world did the month go!? It’s also April’s fools day, which I am SO not into. I do not like being surprised, tricked, etc. My anxiety goes through the roof! 🙂 Just a warning to all of you!! Im going to skip my whole boring weekend and go straight to Sunday!!

Excuse the mess in the background! 

How was every one’s Easter? We had a very nice successful day yesterday. We went to my Mother in laws in the morning and had a Easter egg hunt with Molly’s two cousins. She had a blast. They just got back from Disney world, so it was nice to see them (it’s been a while!) We then went to my sisters house and spent the afternoon there. Molly is extra close to my niece Lila (who is four), so its always nice to spend time with her! My sister also has a 13 and 10 year old (they are boys, my babies!! I was young and single when she had them so all of my time was devoted to them!!) Of course we had an Easter egg hunt for the girls, and we had a fun “high stakes” Easter egg hunt for the older boys (who were not very happy we made them hunt for eggs.) Once they found out two of the eggs had twenty dollars in them, they were very into it!! All in all it was a very fun day. Molly got a lot of treats and I even got my absolute favorite Chocolate covered Potato chips, so that was a plus!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful April 1st! 

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