Thursday Thoughts

I’m linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for…
-I should be expecting my Pawalla, Mistobox and POPSUGAR Must have box in the mail this week. I hope! I’m super excited about all three of these!!
-I went to Target this morning for the first time in like a week. HUH!? Anyway, I totally hit up my crappy Easter Clearance. Did not find a ton that I wanted but i did pretty good!! Here’s a picture. The two tin baskets were only 1.95, the cookie cutters were 89 cent, the plates were 89 cents (Molly loves these plates!!) Softlips was 70 cents, bubbles were 89 cents, the purple ball was 25 cents and the candy was 1.25. Not bad!! I also picked up an Easter decoration the glass rabbit on the right. That was only 2.10, and the two oxes in the middle are teeny tiny notebooks (98 cents) and a vanilla scented candle for 1.90 (Marked down from 9.99, i didn’t think that was a bad thing!) I did well, but I would like to go to some other Targets to see what they have!! Did anyone else score big?? 
-I also bought the YES wipes! Cant wait to try them! I can mark them off of my April to try list! They also came with a little trial size one, which I’ll stick in my sample bag for vacation! 
-I don’t understand my UPS guy. He comes here three times a day because he forgets to drop things off. Why don’t you look and drop things off one time, then you wouldn’t have to deal with my barking dog. Does anyone Else’s mailmen, UPS/FEDEX guy bug you? 
– I’m going to start cleaning out my pantry today. Pictures to follow (Yes, I’m totally embarrassed of the before picture, but its needed!!) 
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. Your UPS dude is whack.

    After E's speech therapy and lunch I think we'll get in the vehicle (double stroller 😉 and go to Target. Thursday after Easter seems like the perfect day for clearance!

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