Friday Letters

Its time for Friday Letters with The Sweet Season Blog
-Dear Target: Please stop having stuff that I can’t get enough of. You are making me poor. 
-Dear Sunshine & Warmth: So nice to see you today! Molly and I will be visiting you outside in a few hours.
-Dear Molly: I have said this before, and will say it again (and again and again) why don’t you sleep? EVER? Mommy is tired, and I’d like you to stop waking up at 5:45 AM and tossing and turning until 6:15 when you ask me for the iPad (and of course I say yes, because I’m exhausted!)
-Dear Baby V: I can not wait to meet you! I am going to supply your wardrobe because I can not stop! Why are girls clothes so cute? I also think You are going to have way too much fun with Molly and Maddie (make sure you don’t pick up their bad habits!) I love you already! Aunt Alena xo
-Dear Subscription boxes: Like Target please stop being so amazing…My husband may put me in the loony bin if I order another one! 😉
The weekend is so CLOSE!! Have a wonderful Friday! 

4 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. Amen about Target AND girls clothes! I was so excited when we found out we were having a girl… and my husband cried because he knew our bank account would be drained 😉

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