POPSUGAR MUST HAVE April 2013 Review

First off, I have to vent…

I have not been subscribing to boxes for long, and I am new at blogging, BUT my biggest pet peeve so far is people on facebook going on to these subscription box pages and complaining. After i complained about the April POPSUGAR box I realized that I subscribed to this box. I paid the money for it, and I looked at the spoilers. No one made me. This is some one’s living, and people go onto their pages and ream them out for not having something they like in the box.

 I’m 100 percent sure that not everyone likes everything in every single box they get. For example I went onto the BirchBox facebook page. People were bashing the products, the way it got mailed, everything. It really bothered me. WE work hard to have blogs that people want to read…these people work hard to put these boxes out every single month for people to enjoy. If you do not like it, its simple…UN-subscribe!! -End rant! (I’m sorry If i offended anyone, I just think you should always give something a chance, especially when it was your decision to purchase it!)

That being said…I was the first one to look at a spoiler for this box, and I did not like it one bit. I thought “Why in the world would I spend money on this…” and then I thought to myself.. I would never buy this stuff for myself, so embrace and try… Well i tried, and I have to say I absolutely LOVED the box. The one thing that probably could have been different was the laundry bag. I will find use for it, but don’t love it!

I wont bore you with 80 pictures (only because I forgot to take them of every product before I used them)…but here is what was in the box.

-Alter Ego Dark Quinoa Chocolate: AMAZING. I have never had anything like this but loved it! I was surprised because 60% cocoa is bitter, but i loved it! 
-Shashi new Nugget Bracelet: At first, when i saw pictures of this online, I disliked it. In person, I really like it. I tried it on, and like it, which is surprising because I am not a bracelet girl!
-Kai Perfume Oil: I absolutely love the smell of this. My favorite thing I have gotten so far in any of my boxes by far!
-Tatcha Petal Fresh Evening Aburatorigmi beauty papers: I used one of these tonight and really liked how the felt!!
As I said, I would never buy any of this for myself in the store, but sometimes It is nice to pamper yourself as a woman & a mom. 
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**I was not paid for this review. It was my personal take on the April POPSUGAR MUST HAVE Box. Posts may contain affiliate and referral links.

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