A few things…

Hello all! Just a few random thing that have been on my mind!

-Does anyone else hate Babies r us? I went there tonight to finish some shopping for my best friends baby shower. I feel like not only is it pricey but nothing is labeled and things are just thrown all over the place. So frustrating!! 

-I should be receiving Ipsy, MistoBox, and Pawalla in the mail this week! 

-It got warm SUPER fast. I am not ready for this!! It seems to always happen this way!

-I tried my YES face wipes and absolutely LOVE them!! 

-I found some pictures on my computer the other day and have to share. I can not believe how small Molly once was. I am sure every mom thinks this!

Have a wonderful day! 

One thought on “A few things…

  1. I use the YES face wipes (cucumber) and they are delightful, especially now in the warmer months! Your daughter is so adorable!

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