So What Wednesday!

Another week down (I can not believe how incredibly quick time is going!) I am linking up with Shannon over at Life after I “Dew” for SO WHAT Wednesday!!

This week I’m saying SO WHAT …
-If Molly still is not potty trained. I am really trying SO hard, but she just is not getting that underwear are not diapers. She doesn’t get (even after showing her a million times) that you can pull them down to pee. It is okay though, she’s only 2-we WILL get there. I don’t want to force her to grow up (but really want to stop buying diapers, ha-ha!)
-If I can not stop going to target..I know i mention this a lot, but so what!! 🙂
-If I’m almost done with Facebook (I won’t ever delete my account, don’t worry!) I just hate the over dramatic posts, and hearing about what your cooking for dinner every five seconds. That’s what blogs are for!! 
-That I ate half a bag of cheese doodles last night. I couldn’t help myself. I NEED to go on a diet, HELP! 
-If I have a new obsession with selling stuff on e-bay! I’m getting rid of stuff and making money, why not (although seriously if you know anyone in need of girls clothes PLEASE email me, I’d much rather give them to someone who needs them! I have all sizes, for summer mostly 6-9 months and 24 months-2T. Again please contact me if I can donate them to someone you know!)
-To all of the drama I am reading about in “blog land.” I have just started blogging, and can not believe how caddy some of these girls are! Isn’t this suppose to be fun, and something to love to do!? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to make lifelong friends doing this, but I just wish people would get along! 🙂

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