Friday iPhone Dump

I’m linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and It’s time for the Friday iPhone dump!!!





ONE: She just loves her new backpack. LOVES it! She loves to wear it everywhere. It is pretty cute! 🙂
TWO: At the Easel in school Wednesday. I think she’s going to be an artist!
THREE: She loved the Aquarium. I’m so glad. I can not wait to bring her to the zoo!
FOUR: I also can not wait to bring her back to Disney. She loves her Minnie and new Mickey mouse!
FIVE: Helping Daddy work on the car. Of course we did not let her under the car, but she got a kick out of laying on the ground with him! It was so cute!
SIX: Helping Pi Pa in the garden the other day. She really loves the dirt. I think I have a tomboy! 🙂

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