Why I started Blogging

Why I started Blogging…

The blogging world was foreign to me until about two months ago. I have honestly always wanted to start a blog, but I never knew how to start, where to start, or when to start. I started blogging without really having a guide. I started blogging out of no where, on a whim so I decided to tell everyone why. I started blogging because of my best friends. I am going to start with a back story…

My best friends are amazing! The three of us have a huge past. We have known each other for 23 years. We met in kindergarten and have pretty much been inseparable since. Did I mention they are twins?

We have been there through bad times, worse times and the absolute best of times. I honestly could not imagine my life without them. I have spent holidays with them, birthdays with them, and now our kids are spending those moments together. It’s truly amazing how strong our friendship is. They are my sisters. Yes that’s me with the polka dot bathing suit. They are the twins to the left of me with the bangs (wait we all have bangs, but you get the drift!)

A few months ago, We were around the dining room table drinking coffee (We can not get together without our large Dunkin Donuts Coffees.) They are amazing cooks, and we were talking about different recipes and Styles of cooking. I paused mid sentence and said “we should start a blog! It can be a mommy blog. I can do product reviews, sales, etc and you two can do crafty posts and cooking posts while we ALL contribute to the mom part of it.” They thought it was a wonderful idea, but we really are all busy!! One of the girls is pregnant (I can not say how excited I am) and the other has a three year old. When I told them about my idea they were so supportive. They both told me how I would do great at this and that they would be behind me 100 percent.

So… I decided on a whim a few weeks after this conversation to start my own blog. To talk about my own family and friends, to share with all of you my days, my hopes and dreams and stories. I feel like I haven’t truly done that yet. I have not truly been writing about what I want to write about!! I have just started, but i am far from being done! If it wasn’t for them, I probably would have never started this blog. I have to say, I am absolutely no writer but I am loving this. I love reading other people’s stories, and I love feeling inspired! I also love when people read mine!

I’m hoping that my two best friends will come along on this journey with me someday!!! Maybe make their own blogs or even guest post on mine. They are two wonderfully talented people and I know everyone would love to hear what they have to say! I love them dearly and want to thank them for pushing me in the right direction.

Here is us, in the order we were pregnant! 

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