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Weekend Shenanigans

Its time for weekend shenanigans with Sami’s Shenanigans.

This weekend went by crazy fast, i feel like it actually went faster then usual. I cant say i did too much this weekend as in going out, etc. I DID do some MAJOR spring cleaning! Which I have to say I’m super happy about!!

We finished out kitchen floor on Saturday! It looks SO incredibly nice!! If you need a refresh this is what it previously looked like.

It is now all the wood flooring! It really looks good! I give my husband so much credit!! Here is before and after of the disaster Saturday. This is the kitchen!


Doesn’t the corner look so different! I love having a table instead of just an island with stools!!
We also cleaned the bedroom, and living room too! I have only taken before pictures of those so I’ll spare you the pain of looking at the awful mess! It makes you feel so happy when you have a clean house!!

I had a dentist appointment today…Ready for this scariness…

This was my morning..Ugh! I only have one more appointment after this (for this procedure anyway..)
This week looks like a slow week around here. A few play dates, a Vet appointment for our kitten and school on Wednesday!  I should be getting a few subscription boxes in the mail also. I’m hoping Love With Food, MistoBox, BirchBox, and Birchbox home. I also couldn’t resist and got the Julep mystery box. After this, I have to stop so I can start my budgeting adventure!! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 

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  1. Kitchen floor looks like! We just started looking for our first home so we're excited. I'm going to follow and hope I get some more ideas. 🙂 Feel free to follow back. 🙂

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