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Thursday Thoughts

Its Thursday, so you know what that means…I’m linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some…
-How many episodes have I missed of Housewives of of Orange County?? I’m not sure I like this Lydia chick. I like Alexis’s hair (although I don’t really like her.) Vicki got surgery obviously, and Tamra is really a mean girl, although I really like Tamra. I need to catch up! 
-How in the world is the month flying by? It’s so funny, when people tell you how fast life with children goes they are right!! You don’t believe them until you are actually living that life!
-I have no ambition this week. To do anything. I really have to finish organizing and cleaning, and I just do not want to. I also just cut myself with a children’s fork, how does that happen…seriously. 
-I am so excited to start selling Thirty One! I will of course link my web page once everything is up and running. I was going to do Tupperware, but I did my research and there are not many Thirty One consultants in my area! I also love their stuff, and the new patterns are black with pink (that’s my favorite!!) 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! 

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