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Friday Letters

Dear House: Please pick up yourself, I really have no ambition to clean the clutter. I am determined to organize you this weekend, don’t worry.

Dear Molly: I should have never introduced you to the iPad. You are driving me bonkers with the macaroni and cheese app. “Mama stir it, Mama put milk in, Mama cook it!” This is all I have been hearing for two days! The saddest part is if I delete the app, you know where to re-download it.

Dear Rain: Please go away today. I feel like you should maybe be somewhere else? I’m sure you are, but I dislike you.

Dear cruel world: Please stop all of this terror, so all of the children do not have to grow up thinking this is normal. It breaks my heart that people can do such awful and terrible things to Innocent people. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people, families and friends affected by these awful events.

Dear Glee: You are such a good show, I sometimes feel like I am a 13 year old again watching Dawson’s Creek. I’m not ashamed to say you are one my favorite shows!

Dear Thirty-One: I am so excited to sell you!! Visit my website everyone! My Thirty-One

Happy Friday everyone!

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