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April Citrus Lane Review

I finally received my Citrus Lane box in the mail. I was wondering where it was lost! It took 10 days to get here-crazy! This month is our last month of citrus lane for a while (which is sad because we really love it.) I always go on their facebook page and read (tons of complaints, which drive me crazy) all of the comments, and some people were not happy this month. I thought my 27 month old box was awesome! Only one complaint: my Honest Co. body wash leaked! Bummer!!

Here is Molly opening the box! She was so happy! 
This is the first look! I had to opportunity to add on the Skip Hop bottle, which i absolutely love! It matches her backpack! 
-Skip hop bottle (I added this on for 6.00)
-Paint with Water from Melissa and Doug (6.00)
-Packin’SMART Keepaa from Innobaby ( 9.00)
-Non-Slip Place mat from Oogaa (8.99)
-Shampoo and Body Wash from The Honest Company (9.00)
-Kids Mashup from Plum Organics (1.00)
(All of my comparable prices are from Amazon) 
See the leak from my shampoo and body wash! It got on the box, but not on any of the products that i noticed. I of course contacted Citrus Lane right away!! 
Total paid: 25.00 +6.00 add on 
Total in box: 39.99
I really enjoyed this box! I thought it was great. I hope to re-join again in the near future. Molly loves it!
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