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The Fancy:Tyler Florence Edition

I received my The Fancy Box Tyler Florence Edition today and i was more then pleased! I have been waiting for this box, because i just ADORE Tyler Florence. I love him on television and i think he’s adorable! I honestly think know my husband will totally approve of this box!! The Fancy has a few monthly subscription boxes, and I have seen reviews and have not loved the items that come in them, but when i heard that Tyler Florence was going to curate a box i was IN! When you sign up for The Fancy monthly boxes are usually 39.99, but if you use code: 25OFF5 you receive 25.00 off your first box. So with shipping and handling I only paid 23.00! SO worth it! Okay, onto the box…

Here was my first look! When i saw his cookbook was in there I was triple the amount of excited (does that even make sense??)
First thing in the box was his book!! I have wanted to get this book since i heard about it! He “shows off his bold side with a celebration of fresh every day foods prepared in innovative and Delicious ways.”I will absolutely post the recipe I decide to make out of this! I peaked through it and love it already! (19.99 on amazon) 
Oh but wait.. Here’s the best part… Its signed! Looks legit to me too! 🙂
I actually told Mike this made my heart happy! 
Meat Tenderizer (8.38 on amazon) now this is super cool! You can put your fingers through! Love it! Mike is already excited to use this!!
Pluck egg yolk extractor(11.95 on amazon):  It takes the yolk out so you can just have the egg whites. Super neat! I don’t eat eggs but someone will get use out of this!!
Last but not least…
Sparq Whisky Stones (15.95): These are interesting. They are reusable soapstone cubes that chill your fine liquor without diluting it. I KNOW mike will test these out!! 
This box was fabulous! I cant even tell you how happy I am with it!! 
I paid: 23.00 for this box
Total value: 56.27
You can check out The Fancy Box here: The Fancy Box

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