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Friday iPhone Dump

Happy Friday! I know I say this way too often, but where in the world did the week go? Tomorrow is my best friends baby shower (she’s having a little girl) so I think I have a lot of fun to look forward to this weekend!! I am linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for…

This week was not too eventful, but I do have some fun pictures for you!
-We decided the other morning to make some chocolate chip cookies. I’m not sure why I do this, because I end up eating the whole batch. I have no self control! Its not good!

-Yes, I have a little girl who hates to put her hair up…that being said this was one of the first times in the past couple months she actually let me put her hair up! It only lasted about an hour, but i managed to capture the moment!! 

-Shes so stinking cute!! She has this dry patch on her face I can not get rid of!! See it on the right? Its driving me nuts! It doesn’t seem to be hurting her though!

-Probably the HIGHLIGHT of my week. A signed cookbook by Tyler Florence..Wait until the next picture…
-He tweeted me!! I know i put this on my blog already but I had to again…I just love him! 

-I received my Thirty-One goodies in the mail! I just love this company!! Check out my website Thirty-One

-I got these decals at Target a few weeks ago for 98 cents! I think they are absolutely adorable. Her bedroom has paneling so i wanted to try to make it look a little better (although there’s nothing you can do to cover up paneling, unless you pull it down!) I just love owls!
-Last but not least, I thought this was so neat! My husband and his brother own this house in the picture (we lived there for about 6 years before we just moved in September.) It was their great grandparents house. I think its so cool to see the changes. I wish I had a current picture to show you too! 

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

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