April Julep Maven Review

by - 7:00 PM

"This April, Turn on the brights" 

I know a lot of people went absolutely crazy about this month's new colors, but I actually am not a bright girl. So i went with the Classic with a twist (which is my "go to.") I actually really liked the two colors I received. 

In this box there was the Mighty nail and cuticle serum, which i am very excited to use! I could use a little manicure on my nails!! The two colors I got were Avery (Pink) and Jackie (red.) Both i really enjoy and can not wait to paint my toe nails with them!!! The box also came with rock candy which was exciting too! 

Honestly Julep Maven is a great subscription!!
If you are interested in ordering Julep click here: Julep Maven
Use code: JULEPVIP and get your first box for .01 cent! 

**I was not paid for this review. It was my personal take on the April Julep Maven box. Posts may contain affiliate and referral links.

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