by - 10:44 AM

Currently I am...

-Obsessed with this dress and going back and forth whether I should buy it for Molly or not...

-I am looking forward to tomorrow because we are taking Molly to the aquarium! Don't worry, I'm sure I will post plenty of pictures!! 

-I am really digging this lotion from Stork Stack this month, although its for children. I love how it makes my hands feel and how it smells!

-I have to say I am disappointed with the spoilers for POPSUGAR, but you can't be happy every time right? I think I'm most disappointed because it is my first box!! I am looking forward to the home box coming out sometimes this month. I think I may splurge for that one!! 

-I have been selling Molly's old clothes on e-bay. I have sold every single thing I have put up so far...But I'm not sure I am pricing them accurately. I do not want to put them up for too much money because then people wont buy them! How do you decide prices? Any suggestions or thoughts? 

Have a wonderful Saturday! 

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