Friday Letters

by - 11:45 AM

I am linking up for Friday letters with The Sweet Season Blog

Dear Subscription Boxes: I bid you farewell. I will keep a select 2 of you, and will see the rest of you sometime soon. My obsession needs to stop, and I'm sorry you are not benefiting from it anymore. I will be looking at plenty of spoilers and reviews and will be totally jealous! 

Dear technology: We need a break...just a small little breakup for a few days. I know i will go crazy, but I need to spend some time with my family without you on my hip! 

Dear Real Housewives of Orange County: Why, why are you so addicting. I just love watching you and your ridiculous lady fights!! Vicki, I really think you did not need an implant, and Tamra your scary when you yell! 

Dear Cody: I can not wait to get you groomed next week, your fur is out of control! 

Dear Molly: I love you so much, but the tantrums need to possibly stop..or at least simmer down. Its getting very frustrating for mommy!

Dear Fancy Box & Tyler Florence: You made me very happy this week. Thank you! ;)

Dear food shopping: I hate you...

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

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