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A few of my favorite things April: Kids edition!

This morning I posted a favorite things Mommy edition, so i figured I would do a Kids one too! I think this may really be a Molly edition, but I’m hoping maybe some of you will try a new product or two! This is stuff we love, and its totally okay if you don’t love it too, I just know I love to read these types of posts!!

1) Packin’SMART Keepaa from Innobaby:We got this in our April Citrus Lane box! I love this thing! When we do have juice boxes, it usually ends up on the floor because she squeezes too hard! This really helps!!
2) GoGoSqueeze: We have always been a huge fan, but for some reason this month, Molly has loved these more than ever!! So easy for on the go!!
3) Popchips: I just love popchips!! 

4) This was just a fun collage I wanted to put in, because this is my favorite things kids edition. Of course my favorite thing this month is our new play set! This baby is going to get tons of use!!

5) Skip hop backpack: Molly Loves this thing! Its our new go to bag when we are out for the day. I think she just enjoys it because its hers!!
6) Skip hop drink bottle: I got this in my Citrus Lane box this month also. I love that it matches Molly’s backpack!!

7) Honest Company conditioning mist: My child hates, hates putting her hair up. So of course, it gets in her face and her hands are touching it and it gets tangled. A little squirt of this seriously helps!!! 
8) The Honest Company lip balm: I haven’t received this in my bundle yet, but I got a sample in a box i got this month (Glossy??) Love it! I cant wait to order the three set!
9) Old navy outfit: I had to add this! I have started working out and i can not wait to put molly in this so she can “work out” with me (or watch me or play!!)
Hope you enjoyed! I hope to do this every month for now on! Have a wonderful night!

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