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Thursday Thoughts!

**Some of my thoughts today may sound mean and rude, but I am not trying to come across this way… I just feel like this needs to be addressed.
– I can not stand….I have to say this again- Can not stand people that are judgemental towards other moms who are seeking advice. Mothers ask you questions or ask advice because they need it. They do not need to be put down in any way shape or form even if you do not agree with their question!! For example, I follow Citrus Lane on Facebook. Once in a while they will post questions from moms (like you and I, some moms are first timers and some have multiple children) and ask for readers help. Last night I was reading one and the woman was at her whits end with her 2.5 year old son. He was being mean, hitting, punching, hurting other children and his parents. The woman said “my son is acting like jerk.” Now would I say “Molly is acting like a jerk” probably not… But I honestly do not think she meant it in a “he is a jerk” way, she was simply stating she felt like he was “acting like a jerk.” Do I agree with this statement, absolutely not... BUT she was asking for some advice. Instead of people giving her advice they were bashing her… I mean they were posting beyond mean comments. I just feel this is so incredibly Unnecessary. Maybe this poor woman just really need someone to say “this book might help you… This method might help.” If I asked for advice on my blog, I would expect constructive criticism, but if people started calling me names I would be offended.
I also can not stand when people are unhappy with a product that they expect a “reward” from the company. For example, again Citrus Lanes boxes this month were hit or miss. Some people loved them and some people hated them… You know you do not get to choose what is in these boxes, and if you are so ridiculously disappointed then maybe you should cancel. You can not love everything you get all the time!!! END RANT!
– On a lighter note… I have been wearing contacts for almost 18 years… And I still put them in inside out almost every morning… What is wrong with me!?!? 🙂
– We are going to a library program today with a friend of mine. I’m excited to do something a little different with a new group of kids! It will be good for Molly!
-I got my first Cravebox yesterday and my first (and last) Mistobox. Reviews to come! Stay tuned!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts!

  1. I saw that same post on citrus lane and I thought some of the responses were pretty rude. What's the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say…." In addition to that I would love to tell all those women to practice what they preach. I'm sure I wouldn't have used the word jerk in such a public forum, simply because I know how judgemental people can be.

  2. Haha, completely agree with your rant ^! You can't please everyone and people should get off cool it with the judgments.

    Thanks for linking up 🙂


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