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Friday iPhone Dump

Its time for Friday iPhone dump! I did not take too many pictures this week! I usually am better at this! 

-Playing outside. This is her cheese face!
-Passed out in the car on the way home from my sister’s house. We played outside all day, so i changed her before we left and she fell right to sleep. Then proceeded to stay up until 10:30 PM! No more late naps for this little girl!!
-We gave our Golden Retriever Cody a “Summer” cut. He looks ridiculous but I know he is much happier (as am i!!)

-Yesterday I took Molly to a library program. We enjoyed it! She got to play in these tunnels, and she really had fun! 
-Mistobox..Oh how I wanted to love you. I ordered Mistobox over one month ago. I emailed the company a few weeks back and said I was confused as to where my package was, since i received a notice that it was sent out. I got two emails back, from two different people saying two different things. One thing was “Oh we’ll send another one out right away because its lost” and the other saying ” You wont receive a box until May, and they do not know what I was talking about that the package was lost.” I wrote back promptly saying that I was very confused, and to me this is not very good customer service. The woman e-mailed me back saying that she sent out another box. I finally got it two weeks later. I obviously cancelled my account, but I was very disappointed…I am looking forward to trying to coffee though!!! 
Have a wonderful Friday!! 

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