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Hello my friends! How was every one’s Monday? It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means…One day closer to the weekend! 🙂

I finally, made a Facebook page for this blog! If you click to Facebook button it will take you right there, if not please go like it! Adventures of Pidala Family Five Facebook Page

In other news, Izzy did very well with her surgery. Last night, I wasn’t so sure, but she is fine this morning! She ate and drank a little and she is now hanging out in the open window! Thank goodness!

Who watched Housewives of Orange County last night? I just can not get enough of that show! I actually, oddly enough felt bad for Vicki when she started crying at dinner with brooks (although he’s SUPER sketchy!) I think Lydia’s mom is an interesting character, and Lydia having lunch with Heather and Tamra was good! Although…I’m still not too sure how i feel about Tamra. I also felt bad for Gretchen when she was talking to Slade about having children. I have a lot of compassion for these ladies sometimes, and sometimes i think “Why am i watching this show?”

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!! Stork Stack review should be up in a little while! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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