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“Friday” iPhone Dump (Yes, It’s Saturday)

I love to link up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of A Suburban Mom, but for some reason my day ran out yesterday! I could have used a few more hours! So… Here is my Saturday iPhone Dump!

-Monday, Izzy had to get Spay. When she got home she had to stay in her carrier for a few hours because of the anesthesia, but when she came out she was still so out of it! It was ridiculously cute. She was all wobbly and she was laying on my arm like a baby! 
-Molly’s last day of Mommy and Me was Wednesday. It was “Teddy Bear” Picnic day. None of the kids brought teddy bears. Molly brought her Minnie Mouse! 

-I had my final dentist appointment for a while on Thursday, and my mom came to watch Molly for a bit. They planted some cucumbers! I hope I don’t kill them!
-Molly got a cute little certificate for her Parent & Tot program! I almost cried! Time to get a scrapbook!

-This week I made homemade creamer, which you can read HERE. So yummy!
-My free Keurig Tumbler!! 

-Last night Mike and I had date night! We had a gift card from a nice restaurant close by called Farm to Table. It was SO good! We went a little crazy and got a ton of food, but it was so worth it. This was my Sangria (which i could drink pitchers of, I love Sangria!!) 
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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