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Conscious Box May Review

Alright, who gets Conscious box, and who is pleased with them? I got my first box last month, and I did not love it. I just thought it was okay. I contacted them and cancelled and I still got this months box. I did not get charged for it, but i e-mailed them four times already stating that I cancelled my order and i truly hope I don’t get charged. That being said, I have to say I am not a big fan of this box. People out there just love it.They think it is the best thing going, I on the other hand think it is alright. The box price is 19.95. 
I figured I would do a review on the products inside this box, just to show you what is in the box, and to see what people thought. I have never tried any of these products, so I am mostly going to be just showing you pictures. 

I DO like their packaging. I like their little boxes, and they always have a cute little picture on top. 
Here are two 1st looks. One thing I have to say is for a small box, it is always full. 

Here are the products inside. 

There are also some coupons in there too. What do you think of this?

One thought on “Conscious Box May Review

  1. I saw that you commented on my blog and wanted to answer, but I think you have it set up where I can't e-mail you after you comment and I didn't think you would check my blog to see if I had replied to your comment on there, so I just wanted to answer your questions where I knew you would see it. So here goes: I use Olioboard to make my collages. You have to create an account, but it's free. You just upload your photos under "my items" and then drag them onto your blank board and move them around and resize them. Make sure to leave room at the top of the picture for a title later. Then you save it as a jpeg and download it onto your desktop. I then open the jpeg file in Photoshop and add text, but you could probably do this with another program if you don't have photoshop. I really hope that Jennifer at Ramblings does a May I'm Totally Trying It. I really think it is fun to try new things and I wish more people would link up because I like to see what everyone else is trying too. But I'm nosy like that.

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