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Thursday Thoughts

Today I’m CO-HOSTING Thursday Thoughts with Toby’s Tails & Simple Southern Ways!

– Does anyone ever think “Why did things end up this way?” I think this probably too often. I wish I wouldn’t think this way but I do. Like…Why did some of my friendships fail? Why did I get into that fight with my husband over something so stupid? Why am I in Debt? I feel like i should try to “live for now” but its so hard sometimes! 
-How in the world do people blog for money? I mean, I am not blogging for money at all. I really enjoy doing this for fun and to meeting new people, but I feel stupid that I can’t figure out how people get extra money from their blog. I think I need to take a beginners blogger course. Who’d like to help me? 🙂 
– Don’t judge, but I totally bought the book Choosing Glee yesterday. Yup, i am an almost 28 year old girl reading an obvious teenage book, but I actually am really enjoying it! I like to read for fun, sometimes. Does anyone have any suggestions on books? 
-I have decided once I get to 100 followers I am going to have a big giveaway! I need 80 more, so come on people! 
– This is random, but I have to say one things i absolutely love about blogging is meeting new people! I have “met” a few amazing woman and blogs, that I just adore! I can not wait to meet more people!! 
-I feel like this Thursday Thoughts wasn’t that happy! So I will leave with a silly quote…

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  1. New follower from the linkup! Not sure what kind of books you like to read, but anything by Emily Giffin is really good, I've read alot of hers!

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