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MistoBox Review

A few months ago, I heard about Mistobox, I had to try it. I’m all about trying new coffee, and when i heard you could try it for 5.00 a month, I was sold! I ordered it, and I received an e-mail notification that the box was sent (for April) So I waited and waited…and waited…and waited. Finally it had been over 2 weeks and it will still in the same place so I e-mailed the company. 

A very nice Samantha e-mailed me back and said she would get another box sent out right away. I then received an e-mail a day later from another person saying that I wouldn’t be getting the April box, I’d be getting the May box. I was very confused. I e-mailed them back, and Samantha assured me that the box would be here. About a week or more later it showed up. I loved it, but I didn’t review it because I was disappointed in the service. 

A few days ago, I received another e-mail saying that the May box would be sent shortly. I was very surprised and e-mailed them right away because the 15.00 wasn’t in my budget. They got back to me right away, and told me they were sending me the May box, and I would only be charged the 5.00 for the first box. I was very impressed! A day later the box arrived on my doorstep. So here is my Mistobox review FINALLY! 

The box is so cute! Its small, and sturdy enough to reuse! 

Here’s my first look! I love the red tissue paper. 
This is the pamphlet that comes inside! This month the coffee was from different parts of the world where they grow! Central America, Asia/Pacific, South America and Africa. It also gives you a little detail about the coffee in that specific region. 
It then goes into detail on each specific brand of coffee. Which is nice, to know how they say it is going to taste, etc!

Each Month you receive 4 samples of coffee. They are whole beans so you need a coffee grinder (which I don’t have,but will be getting-ha) 

Once I purchase a coffee grinder, I will absolutely be trying all of these coffee’s. I’d say each pouch will give you 2-4 cups of coffee! I love this box, and when the time comes I will absolutely be re-subscribing!! 
If you are interested in Mistobox, check them out! You can get started for just 5.00! 

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