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Sunday Social

1) What is your favorite kind of surprise? Well, i actually really don’t like surprises (the ones like birthday parties, etc.) I like to be prepared. So, I’d have to say surprise happy packages in the mail!! Sometimes I forget i ordered something and it comes! On of those surprises!!
2) Flowers or Chocolate? I like both, but I think I’d like flowers more. Chocolate is good and all, but My fat butt doesn’t need it anymore! So flowers it is!
3) What is your favorite summertime activity? Just sitting outside and being able to enjoy the sunshine. Yes mom, with sunscreen! 🙂 
4) Do you have any vacations planned this summer? Yes! Every year since I have been with Mike, I have gone to Cape Cod with his family. Last year I actually went by myself (with Molly) because Mike had to work, but this year he has a whole week off! A condo right on the beach with this view…
Yes please!! (Oh, and yes this is actually the view. I took this picture!)
5) Favorite summer holiday? Is there more then one summer holiday? haha. I’d have to say the 4th of July! BBQ’s and fun! 
Ah! She was so little here! 
6)  What is your dream Vacation? It has always been Europe! Always…but I hate to fly, so I’m not sure that will ever happen! So, maybe driving cross country. As odd as that may sound, i would love that!

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