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Monday Chat!

I’m calling this post Monday Chat, not only because I’ll tell you about my crazy weekend (actually it wasn’t too crazy)…but I will also chat about what’s going on in my head today!! So here I go…

Saturday: So, Saturday was pretty much a cleaning day…but I did not clean because Molly wanted to play outside all day long. I usually wouldn’t care, but I was just in the mode. I wanted to organize and do some other things but…I got nothing done, absolutely nothing!! We painted outside in the morning, and then decided to play! Mike came home around 4, and we weren’t up to anything so i decided to get out for the night with my dad. We went to the Casino (it’s small, and close by!) I was so excited, I haven’t been to the casino in forever (and love to gamble!) This girl, won! 🙂 Also, while I was at the casino in front of the machine, I decided to take a break and have a diet soda (and check my email) Well…My winning streak continued because I totally won a giveaway by Stork Stack! I’m so stoked! I was also in bed by midnight!

Sunday: Mike and I decided to run to the pet store in the morning, and we ended up in like five other stores looking around. We bought nothing, just looked (which was a good thing.) We then had to go to his uncles 60th birthday party, and it really was a great time. Molly had a wonderful time playing with her cousins, and we also got to see their new house they just built (which was absolutely beautiful!!) 
Here are just a few thoughts for the week…
-Mike is now obsessed with Candy Crush, and I’m itching to download it…I keep trying to tell myself not to, but I think I am going to Cave. It just seems like so much fun. I  may be staying up past my bedtime this week!! 
-I did a few reviews on the blog this weekend (Goodies Co. and Mistbox) Go check them out! This week I should be receiving my Naturebox (long, not very good story to go with that) and I think that’s it! These are just the subscription boxes I had signed up for more then one month! They are running out and I’m kind of sad!! 
-I sent my Cara Box out on Friday (If you don’t know what Cara Box is, go check out Wifessionals, its so much fun) and I’m so glad to say I really hit it off with the girl I am sending the box to! Her name is Rebecca over at RMW. She’s great!! I hope she enjoys her goodies!! 
-I also signed up to do a Summer Swap box (If you don’t know what this is check it out over at My Three BittlesFortune Favors 11 or Lulu and Sweet Pea.) Its awesome! Just a fun way to meet other bloggers and have some fun! I also got a pretty awesome crafty blogger over at Pinkapotamus! Go check her out! 
What are you up to this week? 

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