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Nature Box May Review

Nature Box is a really great box (**) that sends you monthly healthy snacks right to your doorstep. You get 5 full size packages for 19.95 a month (but you can get more packages for a slight increase in price.) I tried Nature box about 3 months ago in the mail, and loved it. I was planning on keeping it, but then decided to go on a strict budget that it did not fit into, so i decided to cancel. From what i remember I cancelled the service through e-mail (which is now not available, you have to call.) I got an e-mail a few days ago stating that I’d be receiving a box in mail. I was very confused so I called the company. I misplaced the e-mail, so It was my mistake, the e-mail stated that i would be taking a brief break in the subscription and it would start up again in May.

I wouldn’t be disappointed but the woman on the phone was extremely rude to me. She told me that the e-mail states that I should be receiving a box this month and I should keep better track of things, and that I shouldn’t be asking for free things. I did not think that was necessary. I even said to her, I am not calling to get a free box, I’m calling to figure out where I made the mistake. I did not even ask for a refund!! I was willing to pay for it, I just forgot about it!! To say the least, I cancelled my subscription and unfortunately because of this woman will not be going back to this box (and it is unfortunate because i REALLY like it!!)

I would absolutely recommend this box to people, so for their costumer service to be rude really bugs me!! So…Lets get to the review, because the products are awesome.

I received the picnic season box. It included 5 full size bags! 

-BBQ Kettle kernels ( my husband loves these!)
-Cheery Ganache Granola (this sounds amazing, i cant wait to try it!)

-Salsa Spiced Nut Mix
-Peanut Butter Nom Noms ( love the name of this!)

-Guacamole Bites

-All the products together!
**It really is a wonderful box! I just talked to a woman that was in a bad mood I guess! 
If you are interested in Nature Box click HERE!

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