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Thursday Thoughts

I love Thursday Thoughts! Such a good way to vent about anything and everything. 

-Why, why did I download Candy Crush. I mean honestly, it is probably more addicting then any other game I have ever played. I use to play this game Snood.

Does anybody remember this? It was probably one of my favorite games of all time.Not anymore! 

– I went to Whole Food for the first time with my sister yesterday. I really loved it there. I probably wouldn’t shop there a my “main” grocery store, but I loved it! They had really good coffee too!

-We also went to the mall (not our local mall) and there was this store RUUM American Kids wear. Does anyone have these in your malls? I loved it!! Awesome prices, awesome clothes and its so kid friendly! Molly and her cousin got stickers, lollipops, AND their pictures taken!!

-This morning we are going on a play date with our friend Amanda and her daughter Maddie! We are making a fun art project, which I will be sure to share! Maybe I’ll have Amanda guest post (even though she doesn’t have a blog!!) But this fun activity is too good to pass up!

-Did you enter my giveaway yet? I’m so excited about this! I’m definitely going to add some more items for whoever wins (just as a thank you because I love that people read my blog!) Maybe a few nail polishes, a candle! We will see 🙂 Go enter here: Summer Giveaway!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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