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Friday Letters

-Dear Cody & Izzy: Please stop fighting in the wee hours of the night and early in the morning. Cody, get off the bed and give us room and Izzy leave Cody alone! (These are our cat and dog by the way)

-Dear Molly: Why have you been giving me such a hard time going to bed at night? The kicking and the screaming and the “mommy, mommy, mommy, no” needs to stop! Its so frustrating! I love you to pieces but no nap equals sleepy girl, which means go to bed!

-Dear Amanda: Thank you for the awesome art project yesterday (which will be on my blog soon) but what were we thinking? Molly used them as weapons all night last night!! Good thing I have Lila’s here. She’d be beating the crap out of Matt and Jacob! haha!

-Dear Bath & Body Works: Why are you so tempting. I love your 2 for 22.00 three wick candles, and I want you so bad. Stop sending me e-mails because I’m probably going to purchase some anyway, but you make it even more enticing!

-Dear Readers: Thank you for entering my giveaway!! Go ENTER NOW, it ends soon!!

-Dear Weekend: Im looking forward to you. Mike will be home for two whole days!! Woohoo!

Have a wonderful Friday & Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. When I read your first letter I truly thought it was kids until reading further. Hope they listen to you soon! & Oh no to not having naps! I hope she learns to like naps again for you so it makes sleep time a whole lot easier!

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