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My May Favorite Things!

I loved my April Favorite things so much, I decided to do my May favorite things!! I decided to do it all in one this month (Instead of separating them into mommy and kids.) I did not have many kids favorite things this month!! Maybe next month will be better on that end because it’ll start my summer time favorite things!! I can not believe its already the end of May. 

-Method Squirt & Mop wood floors: I LOVE this product! Mike actually got me some for Christmas (That may sound weird but I asked for a basket of cleaning supplies-haha) and I love it! It not only smells really good (Like almonds) but it works really well. I feel like my floors are really getting clean!
-Downy UnStoppables: I LOVE these. I have actually never really used any sort of scented detergent, but Mikes job gets his clothes really dirty. Not that this cleans them, but I feel like if it smells good its cleaner? haha!
-Choosing Glee: Yup, I’m not even ashamed to say it, I love this book. It is totally a teenage book, but I love Glee!! 
-These pink bins were 19 cents in Target! I’m not sure what I will use these for, but they will be used for something. 
-This popcorn is my absolute favorite ever. It was in one of the goodies co. boxes, and I found it at Target, and it was on Clearance (score!)
– Bees Lip Gloss: I LOVE this lip gloss. It super sheer, and It is not sticky. Love it! I think I got this is my Allure Summer Beauty box.
-Degree Deodorant: I had to add this. I usually use Dove, but I love this deodorant a thousand times more! I feel like I’m more protected. 
– Neutrogena oil free moisturizer: I have been putting this on, every morning and every night! Love it! I got this is my Allure Summer Beauty Box.
-Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser: I use this every day in the shower. I also got this in my Allure Summer Beauty box. 
This is one of my only May Favorites for Kids. We had a slow month around here with kids items! Just trying to finish and use everything up! This is Pout-Pout fish. My mother in law bought this for Molly. She absolutely loves the books, its so adorable! It’s a kohls 5.00 deal! 
I’ll be back soon with my “Try it June!” Have a wonderful rest of May! 

2 thoughts on “My May Favorite Things!

  1. The kids book looks cute, I'll have to look at it next time for Mackenzie. I just switched to Degree deo too and love it much more than Dove!

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