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May Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box is an awesome monthly swap! Each month you sign up, you receive a blogger (or non blogger, only if you do not have a blog) to send a box to, and a blogger sends you a box. So you are actually meeting two people. This was my first month and overall it was a great experience, and i can not wait to do another month! If you are interested in more information or want to sign up head on over to Wifessionals to find out more information.

This month I was paired with two awesome bloggers. I sent a box to Rebecca over at XOXORebeccaMae, and I received a box from Deana over at Tesori Belle. This months theme was regional, and she is from Boston, so I got a pretty great box!

First of all, she has the cutest stickers! I love them!!!
Here is my first look, which of course was so exciting because I had no clue what I was receiving! 

Here’s one of the gifts packaged! Adorable! 

This is her letter to me. I loved this because it reminded me of the information cards in subscription boxes (which I think she may have been trying to get at, possibly? Did i get this right Deana?) But how adorable! She wrote a little something about everything in the box!!

This is what I got! Everything was extremely thoughtful, and she really payed attention to what I like!

  First, which I thought was awesome was a bag (an Ikea bag-holy crap, I love Ikea) full of samples. She said she enclosed some extra goodies because she knows how much I love subscription boxes. She said I could share them with friends If I’d like! Love this!! So thoughtful.

I’m obsessed with Dunkin Donuts, which I have said probably one million times already (okay, I’m totally over exaggerating.) I actually had no idea, but Dunkin Donuts was founded right outside of Boston in MA. I love this, I love Iced coffee. PERFECT!
I know what your thinking “Oh my gosh, she sent you something Red Sox, and you are from NY!?” Honestly, I don’t really watch baseball, so this hand sanitizer is amazing! I will carry this in my purse and I will be shunned from other New Yorkers. 

Yankee Candle is also produced in MA. I actually did not know this! I love candles, any kind of candles, so this is my favorite! Summer scents, what’s not to love?

Last in the box was a magnet, which of course I will put on my fridge! Love this. It a historical landmark, but now is used as a subway station. I love history!! Attached is is Boston Harbor Tea, I love this!! 
Thank you SO much Deana. I loved everything, and appreciate the thought and effort you put into this box. 
**There were also Necco wafers, not listed or pictured (we totally ate those before I even got the picture!)

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